Some useful add-ons for Mozilla & Thinderbird


Here are some useful plugins(add-ons) for Mozilla which I use and recommend:

  1. Advertisement  block
    • Adblock Plus (removes  online advertising and control on webview)
    • Flashblock(blocks all Flash content from loading)
  2. Bookmarks management
    • Xmarks(synchronizes and backs up your bookmarks across multiple computers)
  3. Media download(video clips, music)
  4. Tab Mix Plus  (enhances Firefox’s tab browsing capabilities)
  5. Web2PDF Converter (Web page to PDF conversion tool)
  6. MD5 Reborned Hasher ( allows to check the MD2, MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384 or SHA512 sum of a downloaded file)
  7. Grab and Drag ( Enables Adobe Acrobat-style grab and drag scrolling)


  1.  MinimizeToTray revived  (Minimizes windows into the system tray)

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