MySQL Installation on Windows Vista

After several attempts to reinstall MySQL on Windows Vista with the MySQL Installation Wizard GUI, I couldn’t finish the installation successfully. The process of installation crashed on the step configuring MySQL to start as a Windows service. Finally, with the help of my brother we install MySQL following these steps:

Tip: I recommend to install MySQL on the default folders(from Installation Wizard). These folders are usually on C: drive. Otherwise you will spend a day(or more) in unsuccessful MySQL installation as me.

1)    Uninstall MySQL from MySQL Installation Wizard GUI –> section “Remove”

2)    Deal with existing MySQL service
Check if MySQL service is still alive. This happens from the Windows Services List(Control Panel –> Administrative Tools –> Services –> look for MySQL). If MySQL service is there, you have to delete it.

The deletion of MySQL service passes these steps:
–    Start button –> Run –> enter “regedit” –> Registry Editor is opened
–    In “Registry Editor” go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services
–    Find “MySQL” folder and delete it.

3)    Deal with “MySQL” installation garbage
When you uninstall MySQL, some folders are not deleted. I don’t why but they are on C: drive and maybe this is the reason of crashing the installation (when starts the creation of MySQL Windows service).

So, check if the following folder exists:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\MySQL

If the folder exists,delete it.(If you don’t have administration rights to delete it, just rename it).

4)    Restart the computer to be safe. After that isntall MySQL using MySQL Installation Wizard GUI.

I hope that I helped somebody (and save his/her time and nerves). Good luck in installation :)


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