Resources about Version Control, Subversion(SVN), TortoiseSVN, Subclipse

І.      Version Control
ІІ.    Tortoise SVN
ІІІ.  Subclipse (Eclipse plugin for SVN)

І. Version Control

1) Introduction (Wiki) –> (link)
2) Source Control HOWTO (Eric Sink, it is a great online book separated in chapters) –> (link)
3) Version Control with Subversion (red book, full documentation) –> (link)

ІІ. Tortoise SVN

Brief introduction to Tortoise SVN (Shokhirev) –> (link)
ІІІ. Subclipse (Eclipse plugin for SVN)

1) Quick Subclipse Configuration List (NCS University tutorial) –> (link)
2) Subclipse installation notes (Tigris website) –> (link)
3) Introducing Subversion (IBM tutorial) –> (link)
4) How to use Subversion with Eclipse  (IBM tutorial) –> (link)
5) Subclipse Usage: Tips & Tricks (IST Berkeley) –> (link)
6) Branches and tags in Subclipse (Markphip’s blog) –> (link)
7) Smart how-to for Team-synchronizing Perspective (avajava) –> (link)


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